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Chemical Skin Rejuvenation
Light: $150
Medium: $200-250
Deep: $300 and up
Neck: $50-100
Eyes: $50-100
​Decollete: $50-100

Cost will vary greatly depending on the area treated, the problem treated and the depth of treatment. Only after a consultation can a cost be determined and payment options arranged. 

Botox & Dysport
Average cost per face is around $350, but the actual cost will vary based on your desired results, muscle mass and strength, the number of areas being treated and on gender; men may require larger doses than women. 

Below are some typical estimates by area of treatment for Botox & Dysport:
Forehead: $100-200
Around Eyes: $90-120
Under Eyes: $20-40
Migraines: $250 and up
Between Eyebrows: $100-250
Bunny Lines: $100-150
Marionette Lines: $40-80
​Chronic Pain: Requires a consult with Dr. Love

Temporary Fillers
Restylane, 1 cc: $600
Restylane Lyft, 1cc: $600
​Restylane Silk, 1 cc: $600
Juvederm Ultra, 1 cc: $600
Juvederm Ultra Plus, 1cc: $600
​Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, 1 cc: $600
Juvederm Voluma, 1cc: $800 

Investment Information

Permanent  Filler
Sculptura, 1 vial: $800